Automatic Markup

Automatic Markup is comprised of a combination of these components: XMPMark, PDF Markup, DAM, Royalty Master Data (listed in order of processing). The additional workflow steps for Automatic Markup are easily embeddable in any creative workflow.

In the following this shall be exemplified on behalf of an editorial department of a print magazine. Coloured lines denote steps related to Automatic Markup
(green = automated, red = manual step):

  • Photo editorial
    • Photo research
    • Photo decision
    • XMPmark: Check and complete metadata of layout objects
    • Layout objects "live" outside of DAM
  • Text editorial
    • No implications
  • Graphics department
    • Local graphics workflow
    • XMPmark: Check and complete metadata of layout objects
    • Adhere to metadata preserving workflow
  • Repro / Prepress
    • Local repro / prepress workflow
    • Prepare PDF-1.4 from pages ready for print
    • Send PDF-1.4 pages to PDF markup
  • PDF Markup
    • Process PDF-1.4 page for markup
    • Prepare results for import into DAM
  • DAM w/ Royalty Master Data
    • Import PDF markup results
    • Preliminary rating of imported assets
    • Checks and corrections
    • Final rating of imported assets
    • Application of discounts
    • Final result checks
    • Export results: to accounting and/or supplier

A similarly structured workflow is currently in productive use at a medium sized publishing house. The publisher's portfolio of 30 magazines is processed by Automatic Markup. Results are forwarded to internal accounting and external suppliers.