Royalty Master Data

The repository for royalty master data stores royalty agreements made between supplier and customer:

  • List of suppliers and subsuppliers
  • Royalty agreement = Condition
  • Condition types: pricelist, flatrate and "special"-condition
  • Limited period of validity for conditions
  • Local constraints for context of utilisation
  • Discount rules: Multiple usage (duplicates), royalty caps
Together with additional parameters, which depend on the utilisation context, royalty master data serves to find the royalty amount for a particular asset usage. Among these parameters are:

  • Location, position, size
  • Relation to other assets
With automatic markup the master data repository works as a DAM module, but it may be used as a standalone component as well:

  • Royalty request as XML-RPC based web service
  • Valuation of assets
    • in different contexts of utilisation
    • also external to DAM
  • Cf. product: XmpMark
  • Cf. project: Instant Value