Some Examples of Our Work in Web Development:


BAP_main_en image description
Multi-language, digital asset management system (DAM) for images, texts and vector graphics. In-house development using PHP, PostgreSQL, Redis, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Load-balancing and fault-tolerant 2-node cluster version available.
RoyPlus_main_en image description
Multi-tenant royalty management system for magazine and newspaper publishers. in-house development using Silex (Symphony), PHP, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS. Available as in-house installation or software as aservice (SaaS).
Admin_new_en image description
Admin-GUI using the w2ui Javascript framework
Audiolabor_home_de image description
Simple home page based on Joomla CMS (in German)
BS_article_en image description
Webshop based on Oxid with integration of a given graphics theme